Fragile stickers

Fragile Stickers For Boxes & Packages

Do you manufacture a fragile product? Or maybe you just need to put fragile stickers on moving boxes. Stop searching where to buy fragile stickers because we have the solutions for you.

Fragile Stickers For Packages

Fragile stickers for boxes and packages
Fragile shipping stickers for packages and boxes

Fragile stickers can be used on packages like boxes, bubble wrap, envelopes, and other shipping media. Let USPS, FedEx and UPS know your package is fragile. Tell USPS, FedEX and UPS drivers your package contains fragile items.

Fragile Stickers For Movers

Fragile stickers are also popular with moving companies. Movie companies will use fragile stickers on boxes to mark the box fragile. Fragile stickers on boxes will alert the moving company to be careful with your box. Or alert the shipping company to handle your package with care. These fragile stickers can save your business money on damaged insurance claims.

Moving Labels for boxes

Are you searching for ways how to label moving boxes? Use fragile stickers on moving boxes. Moving labels are perfect for cardboard boxes. These box labels tell your movers the box is fragile.

Custom Labels

We can also print custom labels with your message and logo. Choose any shape, size and colors. Contact us today for a free quote!

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