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Custom Product Labels For Your Business

Do you manufacture or sell a product?

If you do the chances are you need custom labels. Custom labels represent your product in the stores, on shelves, and anywhere the consumer might buy it. Your custom label has to just as good as your product.

Your custom label should lure in the consumer and get their attention to buy it. Once they buy your product then it’s up to your product to keep them sold. So the product needs to be just as good as the custom label. Below we will discuss the different types of custom labels.

Different Types of Custom Labels

A custom label should first be defined by how it will be used. Will it be used on a plastic bottle or on a boat engine outside?

The first time is product labels, the second type is outside stickers.

  • Product Labels. Custom labels are mostly printed for products. This usually means for food and beverage products. For products that will be indoors or refrigerated with some moisture. Product labels are popular on beverages and food. Or other non consumable products.
  • Outside Stickers. The second type of custom labels are durable labels. These durable labels will need a special material for outside. Outside stickers can be printed on our brushed aluminum labels or vinyl labels.

Custom Label Materials

simpli holographic stickers
Hologram Stickers

And in this case that means you will focus on the material type first. So the question for the customer buying custom labels should be, how will I be using these labels? Once this questions is answered you can then move onto the next step. Which is size of the label.

Some custom label material options are white labels, bopp labels (plastic/film labels), aluminum stickers, hologram stickers, 3d epoxy stickers, or clear labels.

Custom Label Sizes

Choosing the correct size for you custom labels is very important. Too small and it wont be seen or fit. Too large and the label size is overkill on your budget. Be sure to measure the area where you need to put your custom labels. After you have these measurements you will know what size you need for your custom labels.

Custom Label Colors

Custom label colors are important because this is how your customer will connect with your custom labels. The customer doe not care about your custom label size or material. They only care about your custom label colors and information. This is critical to remember when printing custom labels.

Quantity Of Custom Labels

How many custom labels do you need? This is how many you should order, especially if you are just still in the proto type stage. After you have perfected your artwork on custom labels then you can start ordering wholesale labels. But when getting started it’s best to order small quantities.

Custom Labels Conclusion

So you have learned about custom label materials, sizes, and colors, and the use for each. You should now have suffice information to make an informed decision on the type of custom labels you need. Still need help? Contact us today and we will help you find the right solutions that stick!

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