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Colored Dot Stickers For Inventory Labels

If you have a large inventory you might be familiar with dot stickers. Colored dot stickers are commonly used in warehouses as inventory labels. Or they can be use for other miscellaneous uses.

Colored Circle Stickers

Color dot stickers allow you to easily distinguish between different shelves, packages, or folders. These circle stickers can be used anywhere inside climate controlled conditions. These are not made for outside stickers.

Green Dot Sticker inventory labels
Color Dot Stickers

Dot Stickers

Another use for these colored dot stickers is for garage sale stickers.

Many companies and business use dot stickers to organize products or paperwork. Label file folders with color dot stickers on boxes. Or organize products on shelves with color dot stickers for each shelf.

Consecutive Labels For Inventory

consecutive numbered labels on rolls 1-1000
consecutive labels on rolls 1-1000

Pictured above are consecutive labels. These are unique labels 1-1000.

Another option for warehouse organization is consecutive numbered labels. With consecutive numbered labels each inventory shelf can have a specific number. This helps your shipping department find products and pick them faster. This helps increase your company to have fast shipping.

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